Treme Maison Hotel Renovation

The video is a highlight of a Treme’ Community Meeting. Eagle Eye Resources Founder/Managing Partner – Gerald Baptiste and Korey Williams- Partner led a presentation on the vision for Treme’ Maison Hotel.  They gave a history of the company, explained in detail how and why the property for this project was chosen and provided insight to their commitment of maintaining Treme’s historic character with this renovation.

Architectural plans, visuals and ideas for suite names were displayed for community members to view. This meeting was an opportunity to hash out any concerns the neighborhood had in regards to this project. Community members were encouraged to ask questions and/or voice concerns and Gerald, Korey, and the project’s architect Lynette w/ Spectrum Design were able to directly answer all questions and address any concerns.  The community members left with a deep understanding of the vision for the building, and Eagle Eye was able to rally support for the boutique hotel, Treme Maison Hotel.