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Adjustable Fan Speed

More airflow means more cluster ions distributed through the automobile. For tough odors, use the high setting.


Cupholder Placement

Forget about using a suction cup that loses grip as you drive. The Motion air purifier rests in your cupholder and is easily moveable when needed. It’s conveniently sized in a container that looks just like a coffee mug or a cup you receive from a drive-thru fast food restaurant.


Plug-In Power

No batteries required! Motion plugs into your vehicle’s auxiliary port, supplying you with constant power and desired air purification.


Ride Share Air Purifier

Do you work for Uber, Lyft, or another rideshare company like Alto? This is the perfect air purifier for people who transport passengers across town on a daily basis. If you drive a limousine or a taxi, you may be reassured that you are minimizing your risk of coming in contact with airborne pathogens.

Pure Air Motion - Ride Share Air Purifier

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