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Use PureAir 500 to keep every room in your home or office fresh and clean! 

Most people spend 90% of their time indoors, which can be up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. Indoor air in well-insulated homes, not only has no place to go but can often be filled with dangerous contaminants and allergens. Designed to purify the air in an individual room, pureAir 500 uses three advanced technologies to eliminate bacteria, viruses, odors, smoke, pollen, mold, pet dander, and more. These technologies help to sanitize everything in the air, embedded in walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, clothing, countertops, and surfaces.


PureAir 500’s elegant, yet modern design means that having fresh, clean air does not require sacrifice in style, pureAir 500’s operation is just as simple as its design. Choose the continuous setting for a constant clean or use the burst settings’ automatically times increases in purification to deal with tough odors. With Its combination of design and efficiency, pureAir 500 should easily find a place in your home.

Pure Air 500

$252.00 Regular Price
$183.96Sale Price
  • Power

    Voltage -100 – 200 V  |  50/60Hz

    Input – 12 V DC

    Power Consumption – 10 W



    Coverage – 850 square feet

    Ozone Output – 200mg/hr (30 Minute Auto -shutoff)

    Ionization >1 Million/cm3



    Dimensions – 9.00 H X 6.25 D

    Net Weight – 1.63 lb

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