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The IT 1500 – is designed to improve indoor air quality by dealing with pollutants in a proactive way. This model produces aggressive ionized oxidizers that are then distributed throughout your facility.

This PCO (Photo-catalytic Oxidation) Technology, using an enhanced ionization output, represents the newest generation of proactive air purification. It is completely safe, unlike high levels of ozone, and effectively destroys mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and the odors associated with them in the air and on surfaces.

When used as part of a holistic solutions protocol, PCO provides a comfortable indoor air environment.



  • Ball-bearing brushless ultra-quiet motor with three fan speeds
  • Exclusive technology to attack mold, bacteria, and viruses.
  • Needlepoint Ion generation to significantly reduce particles in the air Adjustable purifier control with scalable ozone to supplement when desired, PCO technology
  • Full function remote control

iTEC 1500

    • Electrical (UL, CE, PSE, TUV, EK and RoHS Compliant
    • 100V-240V/ 50-60Hz 30W Operational anywhere in the world
    • Ion Generation: 1 million/cm at 1m
    • Needlepoint Ionization
    • Scalable Ozone Generation (optional to use)
    • PCO Technology (UV-C, Titanium Dioxide) triangle design
    • Air purifier is designed to cover approximately 1,500 s. ft.
    • Electrical Approvals: UL, CE, PSE, TUV, EK, and ROHS Compliant
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