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Faysal Tay

Chief Financial Officer

Faysal Tay has over 22 years of experience in running different business in different industries. Prior to HST, he has worked at consulting and software companies as part of their executive and leadership teams. His focus has been on growth and creating lean businesses that are operating efficiently and optimizing their revenue potential and maintaining their growth plans. At HST Business Solutions, in collaboration with his partner, he provides leadership and direction to the team and company. He has spearheaded the company’s growth year over year, while maintaining the same level of exceptional service to their clients.


Mr. Tay is driven by his passion to make a change and making an impact on the business community. He leverages his experience that he has gained throughout his career and applies it as required to advise clients and help them reach their goals. At HST, he has worked with many clients to help them create financial actionable plans for growth, and to accomplish efficiencies in their operation. Mr. Tay’s approach is whatever gets measured gets done, and his goal is to provide entrepreneurs with the missing information required to make an informed decision.  


Mr. Tay has resided in the New Orleans area since 2006. Prior to that he lived in Tallahassee FL where he went to Florida State University. Mr. Tay is married and has two children. His life outside work is focused on his family and he remains involved with the community through his children’s activities. He coaches his son’s Flag Football team, and basketball team.


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