The Company. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.

EER is a private, locally owned business that is committed to serving our community. We understand the value in creating partnerships with clients. We understand many organizations are no longer looking for a service provider to just keep the facilities clean. Clients require a “partner”serving as a true business advisor, who keeps the facility clean, well maintained, and assists in meeting the organization‘s bottom line initiatives. EER is your one resource for all your facility needs. EER constructs, cleans, prevents, repairs, maintains, and consults with one goal in mind – satisfy and please our employees and partners alike. EER‘s system works efficiently and effectively, which adds Iong-term value and provides a seamless experience.

Always Strive for Excellence

Strive for perfection by non-complacency, applying great methods, and sh owing fanatical attention to detail.


We are self-starters, who are trustworthy, consistent, and punctual.


See things from other folks points of view with the utmost humility.

Thirst for Learning

Knowledgable about our industry with the continual tenacity to grow, or we will die.

Protective of the EER Brand

Service customers above all else, we do the right thing, posses a shared  purpose, and we are good stewards of our industry.

Team Player

Answer questions promptly when ask, positive attitude, strong leaders with an altruistic approach.

Creativity, Dreams, & Imagination

Always looking for innovative ways to improve vendor, employee, stakeholders, and customer experience.

Gerald Baptiste

Gerald Baptiste

Eagle Eye Resources Founder/Managing Principal

Mr. Baptiste founded Eagle Eye Resources (EER) in 2013, a New Orleans based company that provides commercial and residential construction, historic preservation, facility maintenance, and custodial services. A New Orleans native, Mr. Baptiste was a star football player in high school and college, sharpening his leadership skills and work ethic. Fresh out of college in 2011 he immediately delved into entrepreneurship, knowing his plan was real estate, Mr. Baptiste started servicing facilities by providing custodial maintenance to commercial facilities in the New Orleans Metropolitan area funneled through his first business investment, a Jani-King franchise. It was there that Mr. Baptiste recognized some business practices that can be recipes for disaster so with a larger vision for a positive impact on the business world, he created a full service real estate development organization. Mr. Baptiste grew that organization, EER, to a 7 figure grossing company in just 2 years, managing 35-45 full and part time employees.  He has headed 2 million dollars in residential development and 3 million in residential construction. These accomplishments are especially remarkable considering Mr. Baptiste is a self-taught business man who is a disciplined reader/researcher. Drive, commitment, time management, competiveness, and self-confidence are the attributes that made Mr. Baptiste a great athlete and has made him an even better business man.  He is currently heading the development, management and construction of 4 million dollars in commercial projects.

Mr. Baptiste is especially interested in community development and revitalization and is committed to ensuring that EER is attuned to the community’s needs. He focuses on maintaining a great deal of historic character in the houses EER renovates and to build in areas of the city that are deeply rooted in culture and history but needs rejuvenation. Two of the homes that EER has recently renovated have been featured in Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans for the dynamic restoration of the century + old homes.

Mr. Baptiste remains devoted to giving back and in his spare time he mentors 8thGrade boys with the Silverback Society, and is a motivational speaker and a coach.


  • BA, Exercise Science, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg
  • Licensed General Contractor by the State of Louisiana
  • Urban Green Council GPRO certified
  • EPA Lead based paint abatement certified
  • Urban Land Institute member
  • MMA asbestos Ahera Certified

Korey Williams

Korey Williams

Vice President Construction Management

Mr. Williams construction management background has led the company to successfully completing real estate development projects throughout New Orleans. Under his leadership, he has implemented skills development training programs for EER employees and subcontractors that focused on project communication, estimating, risk management, project scheduling.

His efforts have increased revenues for the company, and has enhanced the company’s relationship with suppliers, contractors and customers.

At his arrival EER was a 7 figure grossing company, and he has assisted the founder and CEO of the company with growing EER beyond a 7 figure grossing company employing between 35-45 full and part time employees. He has a B.S. in Sports Administration with a minor in Business Management from the University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg where he also was a star football player. Prior to joining Eagle Eye Resources, Korey gained experience in marketing and bookkeeping. He was also a behavior interventionist at a high school where he mentored and coached students. In his spare time he still mentors students around the city of New Orleans.

Gerald Baptiste, Sr.

Gerald Baptiste, Sr.

Lead Foreman

Mr. Baptiste has been responsible for leading construction crews at EER. His military and construction background has equipped him with the necessary experience to successfully manage construction trades and complex projects.

In addition to leading crews, his responsibilities include communicating to project managers/supervisors, reading plans and specifications, and ensure quality and correct practices are enforced and practiced on the jobsite daily.