Why Photocatalytic Air Purifiers Are The Best On The Market

Why Photocatalytic Air Purifiers Are The Best On The Market

If you haven’t given much thought to what’s in the air, you should know that PCO air purifiers can eliminate viruses. We want to believe the air we breathe is always clean, but airborne pathogens can make us very sick.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected over 148,000,000 people so far. Other viruses like influenza can spread through the air as well. Now is the perfect time to make sure the air you breathe is cleaner than ever.

PCO air purifiers could be the best air purifier for covid and other harmful viruses. Using photocatalytic oxidation, they’re able to sanitize air and surfaces. Keep on reading to learn more about how they work.


How PCO Air Purifiers Work

PCO air purifiers work by removing pollution molecules found in the air. Then, they turn them into something less harmful like carbon dioxide and water vapor or some inert molecule. Ultraviolet light gets is projected onto a titanium oxide surface and thus creates superoxide compounds.

The process used to clean the air is called photocatalytic oxidation. When the light shines on the catalyst, electrons get released. Water in the air gets mixed with the electrons, turning them into hydroxyl radicals.

The hydroxyl radicals along with superoxide break up the pollutants in the air, rendering them harmless. They turn dirty air into clean breathable air that has a lot fewer contaminants.

Photocatalytic oxidation finds the microscopic organisms affiliated with illnesses. The process then destroys those pathogens, leaving the air clean and safe to breathe.

PCO air purifiers can combine with other filtering systems, cleaning more pollutants. That may be a HEPA filter that cleans mold, airborne viruses, pet dander, and bacteria. An ionizer can remove dust and pollen that gets left behind.

PCO air purifiers work for businesses and residential systems. They eliminate a broader range of airborne pollutants than other air purifiers.

Best Air Purifier for COVID

Photocatalytic oxidation doesn’t contain airborne pathogens. The process destroys them. The technology used binds to bacterial and viral particles and then does away with them.

Many airborne pathogens live on surfaces. That can be anything from flu viruses, simple colds, and COVID.

Upper respiratory illnesses account for more missed work and school than other illnesses. Viruses attack by irritating the lining of the respiratory system. COVID attacks the airways and makes breathing hard.

We know COVID spreads through the air. The recommendation is to wear masks and stay six feet apart. Since we know it is an airborne virus, maintaining clean air could help with the spread.

Using PCO air purifiers is well documents to reduce around 99 percent of harmful airborne microbes within a 2-6 hour timeframe! This purification methodology is commonly used in hospital HVAC systems to clean the air to prevent the spread of infections.

Getting back to regular life will take time, but healthy steps can help the process. PCO air purifiers can be part of the safety precautions used to keep the public safe.

The PCO air purifier will remove a range of airborne pollutants. Reducing indoor pollution will keep people from getting sick with viruses, including COVID.

Air Purifier for Influenza

Anywhere from five to twenty percent of our population will get the flu each year. It’s something we should give serious thought to, as well as COVID.

With more businesses and schools reopening, getting sick with any virus is a risk. The flu virus lives on surfaces, much like COVID does. The more people gather together, the greater the threat of illness becomes.

The flu can spread up to six feet away. Though organizations try to keep people distanced, it gets complicated in small places. Sometimes it might not be possible.

In restaurants, some may still wear masks, but we all remove them when we eat. The flu can move from person to person by a simple cough or sneeze. People can infect others before they even know they’re sick.

Sometimes the flu can begin like an allergy attack. You might have no idea you’re coming down with a virus until you’ve made someone else sick.

PCO air purifiers are the most effective ones to clean the air and limit the spread of viruses. Using these can make people feel safer in venues, helping businesses thrive again.

Ion Production

Many air purifiers use ion production. It works by charging particles in a room. They get used for the removal of smaller particles that remain in the room.

The charged particles attract particles with a negative charge. That makes them bind together and form larger particles.

Since they can’t destroy large particles, some feel they are not effective alone. Many come with air purifiers as a bonus. It helps make the air a little cleaner.


Air Purification Units

Air purifiers are available for any budget. With science-based research, it is easy to see how effective they are against many airborne pathogens that make us sick.  They can sanitize the air and make it safe.

Air purifiers can even clean the surfaces where viruses like to live. With an investment in your health, you can feel safe knowing you’re getting clean air in your home or office. We have a variety of office air purifiers like the PureAir 500 that suit a wide variety of environments.

When you’re ready to get the most effective air purifier on the market, contact us for more information. We are here to help you get a breath of fresh air again!


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