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Eagle Eye Resources


Eagle Eye Resources is a full-service construction company that provides commercial and residential real estate development, design and build, home construction, and facility management services. We are happy to renovate, revitalize, or perform ground up construction for any facility that meets your needs.

The one stop shop for development and construction of commercial and residential real estate.


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thumbnail_Gerald Baptiste.jpg
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Travis Thornton

Construction Manager

Gerald Baptiste Jr.

Founder & Visionary

Mr. Baptiste founded Eagle Eye Resources (EER) in 2013, a New Orleans-based company that provides commercial and residential construction, historic preservation, facility maintenance, and custodial services.


Faysal Tay

Chief Financial Officer

Eagle Eye is Creating Sustainable Environments

Core Values

Always Strive for Excellence

Strive for perfection by non-complacency, applying great methods, and showing fanatical attention to detail.

Thirst for Learning 

Knowledgable about our industry with the continual tenacity to grow, or we will die.

Protective of the EER Brand

Service customers above all else, we do the right thing, posses a shared purpose, and we are good stewards of our industry.


See things from other people's point of view with the utmost humility.

Team Players

We are dependable, answer questions promptly when ask, positive attitude, strong leaders with an altruistic approach. We are self starters, who are trustworthy, consistent, and punctual.

Creators, Dreamers, Imaginers

Always looking for innovative ways to improve vendor, employee, shareholders, and customer experience.

Your One-Stop, Turnkey Real Estate Solution


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