8 Types of Construction Companies

8 Types of Construction Companies

Do you need a construction company to help build your house, business, or facility? Do you want to learn about the different types of construction companies that you can hire?

Finding the right construction company to help you out with your plans can be tricky. Plus, not all contractors handle the same tasks or jobs. Some specialize in building specific building types, functions, or materials.

Keep reading to learn the types of contractors you can hire to help you make your project a reality. We’ve included details about each contractor’s backgrounds and specializations. We’ve also included some tips on hiring a contractor.

1. General Contractor

Let’s begin with one of the most popular types and largest construction companies. A general contractor oversees and manages the construction project. Some also call it a direct contractor, since it enters into the prime contract with the owner.

In residential projects, general contractors are often also direct contractors. However, keep in mind that not all direct contractors are general contractors. In commercial projects, a direct contractor may only be a subcontractor.

The responsibilities of a general contractor include hiring and coordinating other subcontractors.

In the US, commercial buildings are growing larger, taking more floor space. A larger project means you need more manpower. General contractors will hire other professionals, like plumbing and electrical subcontractors.



2. Small Renovation Construction Company

Most local construction companies are a part of this type of construction company. They are the local roofers, painters, flooring installers, and more. These are small contractors that focus their work on renovations and remodeling.

A small renovation contractor can also refer to the company that renovates a small area. That area may refer to an office, a building, or other types of small areas. They don’t only work on commercial buildings but also on houses or residential buildings.

If you’re getting a house remodeled, make sure you find the right remodeling contractor to work with you. Check online reviews and ask other homeowners about local home construction companies. Also, before you hire one, make sure you have a plan or an idea of your remodel first.



3. Real Estate Developer

Do you want to build a building that you can sell as real estate in the future? Are you looking for a construction company that can make your dream house a reality? If you plan to do the former, you’re planning to become a real estate developer.

A real estate developer is a person who buys and builds real estate on a piece of land to sell the property. Your job includes planning, designing, financing the project, and hiring the team to act on the plan. A real estate developer oversees the work from start to end, with an empty piece of land or old property.

You may improve or build residential or commercial real estate. A real estate developer is different from a real estate investor. A real estate investor buys an already established property from the developer.

4. Owner-Builder

In the strict sense of the word, an owner-building is not a contractor or construction company. Rather, it is a company or party that builds buildings for its ownership. The owner-builder may use the building it completes to sell, rent, or operate in.

Many owner-builders work on other buildings as a general contractor or construction manager. This job acts as a sideline to their main business of building for their use. If you build your own house or business building, you are an owner-builder.

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5. Program Manager

Some general contractors or construction managers extend their services by taking program management. It comprises the demolition of existing buildings, devising, and providing financial analyses. They also work on acquiring a new site and/or hiring other design professionals on behalf of the owner.

If you want your building to be ready for outbreaks, your program manager will hire an architect. A program manager oversees the services and does pre-construction in the early stage. Advertising for and receiving bids from contractors is also a part of a program manager’s duties

Program managers are the chief decision-makers in a construction project. They work in tandem with the owners. Often, they’re also owners of the biggest construction companies and take general contractor roles.

6. Professional Construction Manager

The professional construction manager is a company, person, or group of people working as agents of the owner. They perform the functions needed in building a project with the owner’s employees. Unlike the general contractor, a construction manager has expertise in construction management.

They can guide you in developing the best project plan to reach your goals and help you save money while doing it. They can speed up the schedule, balance the budget, and keep quality control up. For property owners, they’ll act as a project liaison.

7. Package Builder

Do you want a construction company that offers all the services needed to start and finish a project? A package builder is a type of company with a contract for building design and construction. A package builder’s services may also include land acquisition and project financing.

Often, they have a staff of architects, engineers, and construction workers on hand. Some package builders also subcontract the design work to independent architects or engineers. When you hire a package builder, make sure it has licenses in engineering or architecture, too.

8. Sponsor-Builder

The US Census Bureau found that 682,000 new homes got constructed and sold in 2019. However, among all households, 1.2 million of them live in public housing or housing projects. If you ever wondered about who made those housings, they’re the sponsor-builder.

The last type of construction company is a sponsor-builder. This is a residential construction company that works on government or subsidized housing. Its roles include planning design, construction, rental, management, and maintenance.

When they go to work, a sponsor guides the project. The sponsors hire attorneys to deal with government agencies and real estate consultants. This way, they gather information on land acquisition and appraisal.

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By knowing about the different construction companies, you’ll know which one to pick for your project. Choose the best-suited construction company to help develop your building today!

Do you want to hire the ideal contractor or construction company for your project? Contact us today and learn about our construction services.

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